15 Heart Healthy Food List and Also Good For Diet

A healthy diet can be good for your heart as well as for your size.

"Of course it can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease by consuming certain foods each day," said Julie Zumpano, RD, LD, RD, Cardiology and Nutrition Preventive Cleveland Clinic Program. "There is a great variety of fruits and vegetables that are good for the heart."

"Try to eat foods that are in their natural form, as they come from the ground," Ms. Zumpano, recommending what she calls the "complete diet."

This plan includes, of course, healthy foods like fish, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, but do not be afraid to enjoy occasionally with a glass of red wine or a piece of dark chocolate, says Mrs. Zumpano. She suggests using this list as a guide to creating healthy snacks and foods. Only a few simple swaps could make a big difference in your cardiovascular health.15 Foods that are good for your heart

Eat fish rich in omega-3s, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring and trout.


2. The berries are filled with phytonutrients and soluble fiber for the heart. Try blueberries, strawberries, blueberries or raspberries in cereals or yogurt.

3. Flax seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and phytotogenes to stimulate heart health. Take them in a moist or crushed form to get the most benefit.

4.  Oats: the food center for food comfort.

Black beans, such as kidney or black beans, are rich in fiber, B vitamins, minerals and other good things. Chilean vegetarian, anyone?

6.  Glass of red wine 4 ounces (up to two for men and one for women per day) can help improve good cholesterol (HDL).

7. Try the marinated tofu in a crushed with fresh vegetables for a lunch or dinner.

8. Red, yellow and orange vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, red peppers and squash acorns are full of carotenoids, fiber and vitamins to help your heart.

Popeye was right: spinach is a punch! Use it on sandwiches and salads instead of lettuce.

Fruits such as oranges, melon and papaya are rich in beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium and fiber.

11 . 
The mild and sweet asparagus is packed with powerful nutrients such as beta carotene, folic acid and fiber, and provide only 25 calories per cup, or 5 calories a large lance.

Tomatoes - even the varieties dried in the sun in the winter months - provide lycopene, vitamin C and alpha and beta carotene.

Black chocolate is good for heart health, but make sure that it is at least 70% cocoa.

Fresh potatoes and crunchy broccoli dipped in humus are a great bite to the heart with a huge list of nutrients, including vitamins C and E, potassium, folic acid, calcium and fiber.

15.  A handful of healthy nuts like almonds or walnuts, will satisfy your hunger and help your heart.

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